Necessary supplies for beekeeping business

  Nowadays, people like to do a variety of businesses to make their life to be prosperous. In fact, most of the people like to do the farming business for getting more income. As the way, the beekeeping is one of the affordable businesses for the people who are more interested in pollinating the crops […]

Importance of graphic designing for your business

  Today, we live in the world of technology and so everybody wants to be on the internet to get the attention from others. However, this attention is needed for every business than the individual for getting the successful growth. For this purpose, most of the companies hire the software designing companies, because it is […]

English class

Today, in the English class, my teacher presented us the movie A Beautiful Mind. The movie told a story about a brilliant professor John Nash’s struggle with the mental illness all his life. The story was written according to a real professor John Nash. He made so many brilliant achievements in his life. At his […]

Xmas party

On December 20, 2014, Conley’s Hotel, we held a class four, grade five after the founding ceremony of the party. Attended staff class (individual people) as well as parents, are bracing for 6-hour Carnival. Venues in 7 floors. Walk out of the elevator, greeted the white and purple curtains, covered the walls, and then to […]